Monday, April 5, 2010

First Project of the Quarter!

Hey everyone!
Spring quarter is finally picking up some speed, as my first assignments come to a close. Unfortunately, I only have a scan of one of them, but the other will be coming soon! This is a movie poster for my Poster Design for Illustration class. I chose to re-work the design for "Away We Go" because the poster released had a fantastic little, busy doodle in the background, but then some terrible Photoshop effects on an image covering it. Due to the fact that I don't know who to copyright for the image, I'm going to avoid putting it on my blog, but just Google-search "away we go poster" and it should come right up. Sorry for being lame like that. Here's my interpretation:

"Away We Go" 2010 Gouache and Digital

I think the concept is pretty straightforward. The main characters are presented clearly, and in the background are images that symbolize people and places they encounter on their journey to find a home. Everything is hand-drawn and painted, but compiled and tweaked on Photoshop. I got it printed for the class today at a whopping 22 by 30 inches! It's certainly shocking to see your work at that scale! I'm pretty happy with it, although I think the composition suffered a little because of it's complicated nature. I was really inspired by illustrator Nate Williams for this poster. His artwork is fantastic and fun, and his hand-lettering is to die for! Here's a sample of his work. Check out more of it at

"Beautiful Life" © Nate Williams

Other news: I won third place for the CSSS image competition! Yippee! (Look back a couple entries for my piece-- it's of a girl wearing water wings). I got a 25 dollar gift card to the Gryphon Tea Room, which was immediately spent on some delicious sandwiches and sweet potato fries.

I am trying for an additional off-campus program scholarship to help pay for this opportunity that my parents so kindly agreed to let me participate in. I am finishing up the application now, and am keeping my fingers crossed!

Also, my large "Bunny" print will be for sale at the printmaking Open Studio show! It will be in May, and if you are a Savannah resident, you should definitely stop by! There will be some pretty intriguing demonstrations at this already-awesome show.

Possibilities: My boyfriend (and fellow illustrator) Kellan and I are trying for a table at SCAD's Artist Alley, a part of SCAD Con and the Career Fair. It will be a great opportunity to get our work out there to other students, alumni, and, most importantly, professionals. I sure hope it works out!
Also, I'll be entering the juried show "Alexander Ink" in the next couple weeks, and am keeping my fingers crossed on that as well. More updates soon.

Lastly, I just want to say congratulations to Kellan for his interview/portfolio review with Pixar. He was chosen from many (and was one of a few) who got face time with employees from the incredible company. He is trying for an internship there this summer (his interest would be in character design) and I am wishing him the best of luck! He sure does have a leg up, now that they've met him. And don't let his modesty fool you if you talk to him! It's a really big deal!

That's all for now.

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