Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A slow start

Hello all! I am mid-way through the second week of the quarter, and not a lot has happened just yet. I think spring break was too short, because I've had a hard time getting really excited about my classes so far. Not that I dislike them, I just still have those lazies left over! I am taking Poster Design for Illustration, Introduction to Lithography, and Ancient Art and Architecture. I was least excited for Ancient, but I'm pretty interested so far in the reading material. The Minoans were a really amazing group of people, with a pretty sad ending. They weren't particularly interested in battle or hunting the way mainland Greece was, and had a great love for the sea. They seemed quite the peaceful folks, and then a tsunami wiped out a good portion of Crete, allowing what was likely mainland Greece to come take over. The thing they loved most ended up being their demise. Pretty tragic stuff.
I don't have any art yet to show you, but I can give a quick update on what we are starting. In Poster, we are working on movie posters, and I have chosen to illustrate Away We Go. I love that movie! Anything with a group of ridiculous characters and a journey, and I'm in. If you haven't seen it, you should rent it for a good laugh. In Litho, we are starting out with Pronto plates. The steps involved are really difficult to explain, so when I post the piece, I'll try and give you a run-down for it. My imagery for it is going to be reminiscent of the "Cat" piece I did a little while ago.
That's about all for now! Here's an old piece to tide you over:

"The Wilson Brothers Get a Treat" 2009, mixed media

Not much like my current stuff, huh?


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