Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long time no... write.

Yikes... Sorry it's been so long! I got caught up in being busy the last few weeks and didn't have time to upload the scans of my artwork. So here's an update on everything I have been up to.

Kellan and I did get into the SCAD Con Artist's alley a couple weekends ago. It was a really good opportunity to get our work out to the public, by way of business cards, portfolios, prints, and original work. It was in conjunction with the Career Fair, which we also participated in. I showed my portfolio to a few companies and got some pretty good feedback. First I talked to Odopod ( The man was very kind and sincere, but did say that they had been somewhat falsely advertised and weren't really looking for illustrators as much as artists of a more graphic nature. He did, however, take a card of mine (I used postcards instead of business cards because they catch a client's eye more, and they can stick it on their bulletin board for future reference. I also made several different kinds displaying different styles I am capable of, allowing them to choose.) and he seemed to enjoy getting to pick one. Then I talked to Gallopade International ( who work with children's materials, including literature and products for schools. The woman was very nice, although rushed because of the long line, and told me that they may be interested in my black and white line work. She gave me what they called a "free pass" for SCAD artists, and told me to contact them for either freelance work or internship opportunities. She took a postcard and a copy of my portfolio. Next I spoke with people from Wild Apple (, which is a company that creates artwork to be sold to home decor lines. I really love their stuff- gorgeous floral patterns are right up my alley! She seemed to like my work, took several postcards, a copy of my portfolio, and suggested I try for an internship (which I did apply for later). And I got a free bumper sticker reading "buy art!" I felt very comfortable with these people. If I don't end up working with them at any point, I know I'll at least be a fan of their product! Lastly, I talked with a woman from an animation studio, which I believe was simply called "The Studio." The line to see her was over an hour long, and people were not getting good reviews, but she surprisingly liked my work very much. She said that although it didn't fit what they need, she was personally inspired by my illustration (claiming to even "love" it! a rare word in these situations) and took several of my postcards for her bulletin board. She was very nice, and even though I won't be getting any career relations from that interview, it sure was a confidence boost to get feedback like that! So, after a long and informative day, Kellan and I were just about to pack up, when we were told by the man in charge of SCADCon that corporate employees from Scholastic had been there. We waited a little while, hoping to get to see someone, but alas, no one showed. The really wonderful SCADCon coordinator took a copy of our portfolios to give to the Scholastic people and said there would be a good chance they'd be back next year. Something to look forward to! All in all, it was a very successful day.

Me with my table at SCADCon!

Last week, we went to a lecture about the future of illustration and graphic design with the upcoming technology. The illustration and graphic design departments had some really incredible guests to speak: Bridgid McCarren, Cristoph Niemann, Tyler Darden, Christopher Sickels, and most impressively, Yuko Shimizu and Anita Kunz! It was a very important lecture, and made me proud to be involved in the word of illustration. There are a lot of inspiring people in the field.

An illustration by (and copyrighted to ©) Yuko Shimizu.

A depiction of Martha Stewart by (and copyrighted to ©) Anita Kunz)

Other news: I entered my Big Bunny from Winter quarter (look back in the entries or on my site to see it again) into the Spring Open Studio for printmaking. It'll be for sale, if anyone wants to spend a bunch of money on an awesome one-in-three-kind print!

More exciting news: I found out last night that all three of the prints I submitted into the Alexander Ink exhibition were accepted! Two of the three will be displayed in the main foyer, while the third will be in the printmaking gallery space. This is a pretty big deal, considering the juror chose less than half of the entries to hang in the show! Two pieces you may recognize from last quarter: "What Will You Strive for in Your Life?" and "To Love Any Art Form." Look on my site or back a few entries to see them again... or better yet, come by Alexander Ink in May! And what is the third piece, you may ask? It is something new! I bet you were waiting for that.

"When Nini Meets Clarence, 2/3" Lithograph Print, 2010.

This is my first assignment from Introduction to Lithography. We used pronto plates for this assignment, and here I have used a total of three-- one for the yellow, one for blue, and the last for black. The image was originally scanned from a pen drawing. I know I said I would attempt to explain the steps of lithography, but now I think I might change my mind. It is a very, very complicated and confusing process. Maybe I'll take pictures during my next assignment of the process... no promises, though! I just turned in my second assignment today, which I haven't scanned yet. It's done on an aluminum plate, and next we will be using stones. Very exciting stuff! Oh, and what's this? More new art? Hurrah!

"Whales," Gouache and Digital, 2010.

Did you know that there is a sanctuary for fin whales and striped dolphins in the Mediterranean governed by France, Monaco, and Italy? Did you also know that this "sanctuary" is not being treated as sacred in the least, and tourism, trade traffic, and gas treatment plants are all really placed in this area? And would you guess that because of these things, the populations of these aquatic species are dwindling quickly? I didn't either. That's why I chose this subject for my social awareness poster. This image will be entered into two separate poster contests-- one online and one with the school. Hopefully this image will be going places!

Well, not much to show you in Ancient Art and Architecture, although I could write another paper on the comparisons and contrasting elements of the Orientalizing Period's "Maiden of Auxerre" and the Archaic Period's "Anavysos Kouros." Doesn't sound appealing? Didn't think so. It actually is very intriguing subject matter, though. I just have a hard time remembering all the Greek terminology! I had my midterm yesterday, though, and I think I did pretty well. Hopefully all A's so far!

Other than that, not much else is happening. I'm trying to figure out what classes to take in the Fall, but there aren't too many options now that I only have three quarters left (eek!). I'll give another update after sign up. And this weekend is the Sidewalk Festival! Kellan and I are sharing a space, just like last year. I hear a rumor that the people from Cartoon Network are judging, so maybe we stand a chance! Pictures will be posted later.

That's all for now! If you made it this far, kudos!

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