Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Okay, I lied...

One last quick post! I graduate in four days... so I'm a tad frazzled at the moment.

My website is 100 percent done and spiffy now!! Go check it out.

Also, did a quick project for my World Mythology class. It is an illustration of the Australian sun goddess, Gnowee, who lights the sky each day with her torch, searching for her lost son. I wanted the piece to acknowledge her despair, but also give a sense of hope. Likely not going in portfolio, but it served its purpose well.

"Gnowee," Gouache, 2011.

Toodles! Next time you hear from me, I'll be a real grown up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

One last post as a student...

Can you believe it?!! I'm having a hard time realizing that my entire purpose for the last 18 or so years of my life is now coming to an end. School has been my job, and I have to say, as much as I complain about this or that, it really has been very fun, and I know I'll really miss certain parts of it.

Anyway! Avoiding the emotional and now onto some artwork. Last I left you, I still hadn't received any Getting Published jobs. Well, HOORAY, because that curse has lifted, as I was finally chosen!

First a couple other sketches that weren't picked:

This is for an article in Bay State Parent magazine. The story was about a young woman who loses her beloved family dog. The event makes her realize what she has really lost was that innocent, close relationship she once had with her father. I chose to depict this mourning instead of that of the dog, but the magazine had a more specific other image in mind. I still really liked my sketch for this, though.

For this sketch, we were asked by Crayola partnered with Cartoon Network to create a simulation of chalk-board drawings. The image was to be of a child participating in a sport (we were given a short list to chose from), and then the chosen artist would actually draw this onto a chalkboard, which would then be spray-fixed and not erasable. These chalkboards would accompany the companies as they went on a promotional tour, allowing children to also draw on the board, possibly attempting to re-create our illustration. I was really excited about this job, but unfortunately, my professor did not see my email submission (although I was the first to turn it in, ironically), and it did not make it to the client on time. Completely not my fault, and a big bummer, but I suppose I wouldn't have had much time to spare for the project anyway. I usually don't work digitally, so this was a challenge that I'm happy with the result of.

Regardless, I still won a job with What's Up Annapolis? magazine! The article is about house prices/purchasing/browsing. Four people were chosen to complete a piece (this is the feature article, so we will be spread over several pages), but I was the only one to be asked to complete both of my sketches! What a relief and excitement this was! Here are the sketches:

The first is illustrating housing prices, with the addition of digital color just to help a bit, and the second is showing the concept of "full circle." One day the young family will be old as well, passing their house along to the next generation. The circular composition is intended to help this idea along.
And here are the finals!

"House Prices," Gouache and Digital, 2011.

"Full Circle," Gouache, 2011.

I kept with the same color palette intentionally. Hopefully they will be placed near one another in the article, which will be out in September, by the way!

In other news, I've pretty much wrapped up creating all my self-promotional materials. Here are a few pictures of it looking all fancy together:

Mailer list, promo envelopes, postcards, business cards, and portfolio.

Postcards and business cards

Portfolio exterior and case (so pretty!)

Portfolio first page (my prints all look great, for once! Thank you Gulfstream!)

Another portfolio page, showing the design layout.

My little name tag. =)

Now I am officially professional! Also, quick news: I got my "Rabbit" piece back from Hong Kong, safe and sound, and lookin' good in the frame (which I never saw before!). Finally, I am officially in the 100 Sketches From Life Club from last quarter's Portfolio class.

Oh! And how could I forget? My painting for the mural, which seems like it unfortunately won't happen. Or, at least while I'm in Savannah.

"Counting Mural," Gouache, 2011.

And the last announcements for the day: Thursday, June 2nd and Friday, June 3rd are the senior shows I'll be participating in. Thursday is the Communication Arts Senior Show, and Friday is the Illustration Senior Show. If you're in Savannah, ask me for directions and stop by! There will be lots of pretty art to see.

As you may have noticed, this blog is looking a whole lot spiffier lately! Keep an eye for an updated site sometime soon too...

That's all for now!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have a fiesta of artwork to show you! (teehee)

First off, I finished the Dog Sees God poster, which was not chosen, as they preferred something a bit more humorous. It'll still make for a great portfolio piece, though, so I'm okay with it.

"Dog Sees God," Gouache and Digital, 2011.

Next, a couple more sketches (which also have not been chosen to get published. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some upcoming projects, though). They were for a story in Charleston Magazine, in their "Southern View" section. The text is about a woman who is not from the south, and cannot tolerate the snakes around her new home. She describes them as the "pink elephant in the room" because the locals never discuss their existence. We were told to create either a sketch of a snake on an elephant's back, or the snake as a garden hose, and I chose to do both.

I am working on sketches for two more projects, but haven't finished yet, so keep an eye out for them next time! There is one more sketch though, for the SCAD Illustration Club. We have been asked to create murals in the Children's Hospital, and this is a concept for one of the walls. The project has been postponed a little due to lack of participation, but I really hope we are able to follow through with it.

The idea is to create a subtle counting interaction with the patients, with one monster on the left, two boats in the middle, and three umbrella characters on the right. The flowing from one portion of the piece to next is also intended to be somewhat comforting and intriguing, keeping the child interested and distracted. I'll keep you updated on this project, too.

Next up: I've been working hard in my self-promotion class! First item of completion (other than my artist statement and logo, which I've already shown you) is my business card! I'll be ordering these today, likely, which means I should have them in a week or two.

Here's the front:

And the back (the image is from my "Restless" album cover project a couple quarters ago):

Next, I finished my resume! It looks much more professional than my old one.

You can click on the image to make it larger.

And last, but not least, I finished my postcard mailer! The artwork is original for the card, and I wanted to include as many of my illustration themes as possible: kids, adults, cat-people, birds, houses, patterns, flowers and trees.

"Welcome to the Neighborhood," Gouache, 2011.

I may need to tone the color down a bit before I send it off to get printed (which should be today!) Here is the backside:

On the white background of this blog, it may be difficult to tell what is happening here... But the edges are a quarter inch away from the text in the top left corner, if that helps at all.

Anywho, one last bit of AWESOME news for today-- Kellan and I won first place group at the Sidewalk Arts event last weekend!! I was so excited and surprised. And thankful for the money! Here are a few pictures.

This is our piece! Kellan worked on the two kids, and I did the monster, birds, and ground. We painted the background together (Kellan added that bit of sky at the top, too). This image was taken by SCAD and is on their website. Just look at the bottom to scroll through the winners.

Our first place sign!

Proud parents

Kellan working diligently.

And this is me!

I believe that's all the news I have for you at the moment. Sometimes it's hard to keep track, with so many things going on at once as we close in on graduation. I got my work printed and framed yesterday for the senior show, and will next be working on my new website and portfolio book. Phew! It's going to be an intense four more weeks.

That's all for now,