Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (tomorrow)

Wanted to wish an (early) happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This is my first year to actually participate in the major cooking frenzy in my home, and I have to say, so far, it's pretty fun! I made some rolls from scratch this afternoon-- not easy stuff, this "baking." So, consequently, I am very thankful this year for all the people on this planet who can cook well and enjoy doing it. (Of course I am also thankful for my family, friends, boyfriend, cats, home, school, possessions, health, opportunities, life, love, all art forms, nature.. etc as well!) Here's a man feasting on rabbits to tide you over till the next meal.

"Old Man Eating Rabbits" Ink, 2008

until next time,

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wrapping up the quarter

Only a few more days until our very long Winter Break. I'm pretty relieved to have some time to relax with my family, and hopefully work on some art as well. With this close to the quarter, I'll be revamping my website (yet again-- hopefully for the last time... for a while) with all new artwork and layout! Here's some work that didn't quite make it into my portfolio this quarter.

"Octopus' Garden" Digital, 2009

"Birds of a Feather, E.V.- 3/3" Relief Print with Chine Colle, 2009
A piece very similar to this will be on my site. With printmaking, you make multiple "copies" of the work, (when they are all identical, they are called editions) and label each piece individually. With "Birds of a Feather," I used Chine Colle (to put it simply- gluing the papers together as you run it through the press) as a collage element, making identical copies nearly impossible. This is one of my good prints, but not the best, and because slightly different, it won't be in my portfolio. So sad.

More exciting stuff to come.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My very first officially grown-up blog

Hello! I'm Caitlin, as you may have noticed, and I like to create art. Hopefully you are a fan of art as well, seeing as how you are reading about it right now. If you aren't really intrigued by creative stuff, just a heads up-- you are in the wrong place.

So, currently I am a student (junior) at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I am originally from Texas (Austin area) and actually spend almost as much time there as I do in Georgia because our quarter system... but that's rather irrelevant. I am an illustration major, wanting to focus on children's books, but open to just about anything. And just yesterday I declared a minor in printmaking! I was inspired by the Introduction to Printmaking class here at school (thank you Curtis Bartone, you are an amazing professor) and decided, why not? It's something I love to do.

Speaking of printmaking, I have two works for sale in the Open Studio show this weekend-- Saturday from 5 to 8 pm at Alexander Hall. Not sure if anyone will be looking to purchase prints of rabbits and other anthropomorphic characters, but who knows! Stop by if you want to check out some amazing SCAD art.

Well that's about all for now.