Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wrapping up winter quarter

Hello all!

I've been working like a madwoman this week on finals-- it's probably been the hardest quarter yet! Luckily, I am done with two classes, and just have a little left in the third. I am still waiting to receive my book from Blurb. The package tracker said it arrived in Savannah yesterday... and yet, I haven't received a notification from SCAD's mail center. I really hope it hasn't gotten lost in the shuffle! Printmaking, as of this afternoon, is finally over! And I even have scans of my last two prints.

"What Will You Strive for in Your Life? 1/3" Relief Print, 2010.

"To Love Any Art Form 2/3" Relief Print, 2010.

I hope it's apparent that the two images go together. It's somewhat of a narrative-- the little girl asking a bird a question, and his reply. I wanted to do something a bit more within my illustration style for these pieces. The second work actually was the first one I made, and at that point I truthfully didn't really know where I was going with the concept! Only after I completed it did I know what I wanted to do. Both used multiple blocks and stencils. Printing in color isn't nearly as simple as painting in it! Because of the numerous colors and registration on each block, each piece had to run through the press many times. "Strive for" ran through it six times, and "Art Form" went through nine. That's a whole lot of printing considering these are editions and there were six attempts with each... I guess that would make 87 runs through the press (since one of them I didn't complete due to really poor registration). Yikes! A lot more complicated than it looks, huh?

Really quickly, I made a piece for the Counseling and Student Support Services' image competition. It's pretty bold, which is nice, but my favourite thing about it isn't the aesthetic as much as the concept. CSSS keeps you afloat when you feel like you can't tread water any longer!

"Let CSSS" Gouache and Digital, 2010.

That's all I have right now for you. I still have a whole piece to do (and a paper to write) for Survey, so expect another update soon!


Daniel Woodling said...

The first image is wonderful. It reminds me alot of Tony Fucile's work

Caitlin said...

thanks! that is a huge compliment!