Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few finishing touches

Hello all.
Just two more weeks until the end of the quarter. This one has been quite the ride! It has been very difficult, but rewarding. I have just a short paper, take-home exam, Rolling Stone portrait (this is for Survey, I am going to draw Elvis Costello), and one printmaking edition left to complete. I finished up my third edition today in the print studio, and I am quite pleased with it! Unfortunately, I have no images of it just yet. I do, however, have a picture of my previous woodblock print. The assignment was to use color. It is somewhat frustrating to me, because I am usually really good with color, but this project just wasn't working out for me. It isn't terrible, but it isn't a portfolio piece, either.

"Goose 3/3" Woodblock relief print, 2010.

Sorry for the poor quality photo, as well!

Some good news though: I FINISHED MY BOOK! Hurrah! Just like my first one, it is for sale on

By Caitlin Alexander

I am very pleased with this. I put so much time into it! All the images are gouache with collage-- just for specific articles of clothing on the children and/or their family and friends. Here are a few images that will probably go into my portfolio:

"Rabbit Helps Simon," Gouache and collage, 2010

"Maggie Explores," Gouache and collage, 2010

"Which Pet?" Gouache, 2010

I have ordered a few copies of my book, and will let you know how they look when I receive them. And be sure to check it out on Blurb, even if you don't want to buy one!

Other big news: I am looking into traveling to New York this summer with the school. It's a week-long seminar that will count as a class for me. The opportunity is incredible. We will get to show our portfolio to potential big-name clients (Scholastic is one I am thrilled about!), meet current extremely successful illustrators, visit what is basically the core of the illustration field- the Society of Illustrators and Brandywine school, visit museums, and more! I really, really hope this works out. It would open so many doors and change the way I see illustration. So, anyway, I'll keep you posted on that, also!

Time to do some laundry.

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