Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring settles in as winter waltzes away

Just a quick update with the last of my work for the quarter!

For my very last printmaking assignment ever, I wanted to create something that made me leave the department with a bang. Unfortunately, I don't think I completely managed that, because my ideas were too large to follow through with. Not to say the piece isn't successful, because I do like it, but It wasn't the "bang" I was hoping for. The end of this class was strange. It was much like being in a bad relationship, spending all your time wanting it to end, but when presented with your new found freedom from the bond, you experience a sense of confusion and restlessness, instead of relief and happiness. The beginning of my minor was extremely enjoyable, but as I experienced more and more distaste of commercial art by the fine artists, and had to spend more and more time away from my major, the passion truly faded for me. I think I just need some time away from printmaking to enjoy it again. But I promise, I will do some woodcuts and screen prints in the future. This is not my last print ever.

Anyway, in my Portfolio class my professor was talking about taking rejection in the field of illustration. She was emphasizing that it is important to not be hurt by being turned away or not selected to win awards. She said "just remember, it means everything if you win, and nothing if you don't," meaning, although celebration is expected and good when you are recognized, it isn't the world if you lose, and life goes on. I have personally been struggling with this lately, and decided to make a poster for myself with the phrase to look at when I am upset. Unfortunately, nobody in my class understood that the message was an uplifting one. They all thought that it meant "winning is the most important thing ever." Sigh. I just can't win with some people. But it's still on my wall for inspiration.

"In Other Words: it's okay to not be the best," screen print, 2011.
So concludes my printmaking education.

And last but not least, my art licensing Halloween illustration! These can be on plates, napkins, buckets, stickers, cards, anything really. It is very unlike my comfortable niche in both color palette and subject matter, but I really love it! And my professor had a really wonderful suggestion, saying that the work is extremely versatile because each individual character could also be on different products. It could be a whole series!

"Halloween Friends," Gouache and Digital, 2011.

Here's a quick mock up:

"Halloween Friends Mock Up," Gouache and Digital, 2011.

Oh yeah, and here's that magazine mock up I mentioned last time:

"Abandon the Binky Mock Up," Gouache and Digital, 2011.

That's all for now!


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hahaha! No pirate... sorry! Maybe I'll do a pirate all by itself some day.

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sooo cute! definitely has a retro charm! :)