Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another late progress check

This quarter is so insanely busy! Sorry it took me a while to get back with another update.

First, here's my page on Letter Playground. I've already receieved quite a few "likes!"

Also, because of the SILA competition, we were recognized by the President of SCAD, Paula Wallace, a few weeks ago. It was nice to feel appreciated by the school. Usually our little department keeps to itself.

Kellan and me with Professor Danawi. Click here to check out the SCAD online article on SILA.

Now on to Printmaking! This is my first screen printing assignment (I tried to teach myself how to print on fabric last summer and was mildly successful, but I'm not counting it really). I enjoy how so much faster of a process this is, especially compared to Lithography. I don't have to clean any rollers, mess with any chemicals, and can reuse my screens over and over again! This piece is about not letting other people get you down. Luckily my metaphor was vague enough that my professor was unaware that it primarily was inspired by her rant a few weeks ago. The raindrops are people's opinions and negativity, and I am the cat person, persevering and enjoying myself despite the downpour. I titled it "Monday," implying that this may happen any, or every, day of the week.

"Monday," Screen Print, 2011.

In my Portfolio class, I worked on an editorial piece for a parenting magazine. The imaginary article would be discussing how to support your child in giving up their binky or thumb-sucking. I decided to choose this topic because I know it's a common problem of dependency with children on things like pacifiers. I personally had this issue! My stubborn thumb-sucking lasted until about fourth grade, and because of it, I had to go through some major orthodontics to keep me from resembling a beaver. My parents threatened me with putting lemon juice on my thumb or with completely fictional contraptions with spikes in the roof of my mouth. At one point I wore a mitten, but that didn't work at all. Then it was just soggy. Not even pointing out adults with really awful teeth, saying, "if you don't stop, that will be you someday," worked. Just one day, I decided on my own. Anyway, now you know a little bit about my inspiring childhood. Here's the piece:

"Abandon the Binky" Gouache, 2011.

The colors aren't exactly like the real painting. Sometimes gouache scans perfectly, and other times, it just refuses to cooperate.

I did a mock-up magazine article, but what I referenced to create the page layout was extremely unprofessional. I plan on redoing it, so I'll post that later.

Tomorrow I give an oral presentation on one of my favorite artists, Matte Stephens. His work is what I wish mine looked like! The color, repeating shapes and careful designs are just music to my... eyes. Here is one of my favorites:

©Matte Stephens

That's all for this time. More art soonish!

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Anonymous said...

I love your newest art. You should be proud of it, I know I am proud of you!