Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And so we wrap up 2010.

2010 was an interesting year for me. It was straining and stressful, but full of growth and self-discovery. A lot of things I took for granted changed, and those changes made me open my eyes a little bit. I learned to accept people's faults, including my own, but also discovered when walking away from someone is the right choice. I shut down and woke back up again, I cried and laughed, I danced for days and woke up early. My art grew, my heart grew, and my body didn't. People helped me stand on my own feet, and I helped people stand on theirs. "Progress" would be the best word to sum up my year. 2010 was the conclusion to my life's Prologue, filled with love, laughs, pain, development, and a little foreshadowing. The changes most relevant to this blog, however, have to do with my artwork.
Here's a sample of what I made at the end of 2009:

"Big Fish," Digital, 2009.

I didn't even have a style yet! I will always be able to thank 2010 as the year of inspiration and finding an illustration identity.
Anywho, here's what I wrapped up the year with.
A quick piece for my old high school art teacher, Mr. Bates', Art for Life show to raise money with his class.

"Top Hat Cat," Gouache, 2010.

Sorry for the poor quality image-- we don't have a scanner at my parents' house.

The big project, however, was this:
An undertaking of epic proportions (something only I would be silly enough to take on)-- hand-painting each of our family Christmas cards. All 20 of them. In a matter of days. Let's just say, I felt a sense of accomplishment after I finished them. And some are quite cute! I made 4 each of 5 designs, to lessen the blow a little.

"Dove," Gouache and Sequins, 2010.

"Houses," Gouache and Sequins, 2010.

"Presents," Gouache and Sequins, 2010.

"Santa," Gouache and Sequins, 2010.

"Wise Men," Gouache and Sequins, 2010.

So yes, everyone got original art, and yes, I don't plan on doing that again. But I'm pretty pleased with the turnout, and pretty pleased with myself for doing it! And many thanks to my mom, who helped me glue those dang sequins on every card!

That's about all I've got for now. I hope everyone had a nice holiday, like I did. Spending time with my family is probably my number-one joy in life. Illustration is up there, too. :)

See you next year!

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