Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daydreaming of a studio

Hello all,
I know I just posted a few days ago, but I was pondering my future career, and then wandered into fantasies of a perfect studio. Working in a tiny space that also serves as your bedroom, library, closet, and lounging area isn't so easy. I find myself placing artwork or supplies on other things precariously, and then when I need that space, having to move it to another over-crowded spot. I am a very, very organized person, so this is not a cleanliness issue. Just a lack of space! The idea of having a designated area for my supplies, inspiration on the wall, papers in a filing drawer, and artwork in various labeled portfolios is so exciting! I know I'll have a writing desk for my computer, printer, and paperwork, and a drafting table for my projects. Although I already have one, there is a very nice model at Ikea that has a built-in light table. Needless to say, it caught my eye!

This (my desk now and personal belongings)


this (me in an Ikea workspace dream. The clips on the wall- genius! The drawers for large paper- inspired! The yellow wall- beautiful!)


this (a cozy, cute, and old little home in quirky Austin, Texas)



Any thoughts to share on a perfect studio space?
And just to get a little art in, here's a painting of me painting (old school Caitlin art)

"Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting" 2008, Acrylic paint

That's all for now!

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