Sunday, April 15, 2012

2011 Graduates

Hi all!
I decided to do an illustration for an article, because my portfolio is really lacking concept right now. Pretty much immediately after sitting down to think of ideas, I remembered an article I’d seen someone post on Facebook. The New York Times interviewed a good portion of the class of 2011 at Drew University (and then did research about the rest of us). It’s overwhelming how many 2011 grads are either still unemployed, or not working in a job related to their degree. It definitely hit home for me, because I’ve been doing pretty random stuff since school, and it’s been hard to swallow at times. Anyway, here were two of my better ideas:

On the left is a wall of portraits, with a banner at the top reading “class of 2011.” Instead of the portraits being of success stories, it shows the graduates doing jobs like dog grooming, pizza delivery, nannying, sub shop, etc, with a plaque reading their degree or honors. The one on the left is a tiny graduate overlooked and overwhelmed by a sea of giant professionals who are ignoring him. I decided to go with this idea because it read much more quickly for a lot of people, and also because I didn't have much time.

"2011 Graduates," Gouache and Digital, 2012.

I honestly did struggle with this piece a bit, and I'm still not sure it's at the point of becoming a portfolio piece. This is after much careful surgery in Photoshop, and I think it's looking much better, but for some reason I just feel that the sketch is the best. Hate it when that happens.

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