Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sketches, Sketches, and More Sketches

So many sketches and so little time! I've actually completed only one true piece so far this quarter, but I've been very busy drawing, and drawing, and drawing some more, for my Getting Published class. Unfortunately, I haven't been picked for an assignment yet, but I will keep working progressively harder until I do!

First off though-- other news:

I attended an event last week called the Bandwagon Poster and Record Fair, where there were tons of band posters for the taking (er, buying mostly. But inspiring too!). Most of the work was hand screen-printed, which I found especially inspiring. Methane Studios was probably the best booth there. I actually have already posted about them before, because they had a show in Alexander Hall a few quarters ago.

There is a slew of upcoming events in Savannah in the next couple weeks that I am participating in, including the Sidewalk Arts Competition, Sand Arts, and a few things unrelated to art, such as an Iron and Wine concert! It's going to be so, incredibly busy, but it doesn't phase me one bit. And then...

GRADUATION! We are headed into week five after this weekend... which means only five weeks after that. I'm not sure if the shock has hit me just yet.

Anywho, I forgot to mention in my last blog post that I got a little something in the mail a little while ago:

Now I'm all fancy and official and such! I'm not sure why they gave me four, when I only had two pieces, but I'm not going to complain.

Onward! In Self-Promotion, we have written an artist statement, created a logo, and are now preparing postcard mailers and business cards, which will be followed by a new website (hooray!). Here are my logos (one in color and one in black and white):

You'll be seeing a lot more of this little guy in a few weeks, when I revamp my site, and yes, blog too. It's in dire need of a makeover!

Finally, it's time for a big pile of sketches. First off, the class worked on posters for the upcoming SCAD theater production of "Hair." We were all to take the piece to finish, so the director and his creative crew could understand what they were choosing. For our sketch critique, the director came in to see our work. He surprised everyone by disliking most of what he saw, and contradicted his posted requirements as well as our own aesthetics. It was a very much a learning experience: you never know what a client will want from you. He made it pretty clear that he did not like "cartoony" work, so I created my final knowing full well that it wouldn't be selected. I was perfectly alright with this, since it will just become another portfolio piece. Here are my sketches and final:

"Hair" Gouache and Digital, 2011.

Next, we were asked to create an illustration for WNC magazine to accompany an article describing the beautiful scenery of North Carolina, and how the author preferred her own porch to leaving for a vacation. I completed two sketches of the same subject matter, focusing on the symbolism of the suitcase and Hawaiian lei. I think the reason this wasn't chosen was because the scenery was not shown enough. Understandable!

And most recently, we are working on two assignments at once (he said one was optional, but I guess I'm an overachiever). First, another theater poster, this time for the play "Dog Sees God," which is a peculiar parody on the Peanuts characters, grown up and in high school. The plot focuses around teenage problems such as drugs, sexual orientation, bad behavior, bullying, and suicide.

This is the image I'll be taking to final. It is implying the relationship between two characters, as well as the contrast of hope and depression between them.

This sketch is a more narrative representation of the play, as the "Charlie Brown" character is mourning the death of his dog, "Snoopy." (I put these names in quotes because the play doesn't actually use most of the Peanuts names, as agreed between the author and Charles Schulz).

I wasn't sure if I was taking the play as too seriously, so I drew a more lighthearted image of raining peanuts with cuter lettering. My professor said he saw Jesus' face in the imagery... still not sure if I'm on the same page with him there.

Keep an eye out for a post with the "Dog Sees God" final poster!

And last, but not least, my sketch for the Savannah Green Guide: a pamphlet that will be distributed which explains eco-friendly ways to create an event. Kellan actually illustrated their last edition:

©Kellan Stover

You can download the PDF at their website. He also did the little spots on the inside!

Here's my sketch for what will hopefully be the next edition (the pressure is on, since Kellan already got it! If I win, we will be the ultimate illustration power couple! haha, just kidding of course!):

Also, I just sent in four submissions to the SIC Senior Show. Hopefully I'll get all of them in, so I can have a greater presence there. If not though, I'll still be entering more work in the Communication Arts show, which also includes Sequential Art, Graphic Design and Advertising.

That's all for now!

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